You can be paid now by local businesses in your area to make them more profitable – no matter what their business – regardless of the economy.

This could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Local Businesses Are Absolutely Starving For New Customers And New Business. They're Willing To Pay You To Do Some Really Basic Marketing For Them. Marketing They Don’t Know How To Do. You Can Do It All On Your Own.

If you're truly serious about adding 5 or 6 figures to your annual income, this may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

And if you’ve been looking for the perfect opportunity, at this crazy time, then this will be the most important and exciting message you read.

You are an entrepreneur!

If you’re the type of person who is willing to launch a venture and reap the rewards for success. If you answered yes, there is a lucrative, competition-free business opportunity for you in your own backyard.

Local businesses need more customers, and they need you to show them how to attract those customers. You don’t need any experience in marketing or advertising, yet you can show businesses in your local area how to get more customers, make more money… and you can be paid well to do it. A nationally recognized small business marketing expert will show you how.

A Road-Tested, Street-Smart Entrepreneur

Ron Sheetz calls himself an unsuccessful success. “I didn’t complete college. I barely graduated high school, but I found a way to survive both. I wasn’t the best student at Strongsville High School in Strongsville, Ohio. I graduated with a 2.1 GPA. I survived because I got the principle on my side. As a performing magician he’d bring me to the office to perform for guests in the school and for it, he made sure I got the extra help I needed. I would have flunked English class had it not been for Miss McIntyre. And in college, the professor of my salesmanship did flunk me with an ‘F’. The fact that today I now write and produce for some of the largest marketing campaigns and earn a large income would be a coronary-sized surprise to all my teachers and administrators. I’ve been responsible for millions of dollars of income each year in many different business categories, for people who are much more highly educated than I, and I have no formal training in any of their fields. Personally, I prefer to be an unsuccessful success than a successful failure.”

Undeniably, Sheetz has overcome many hurdles in his 35 years in business. The Cleveland-based entrepreneur is continually carving out the success-path for local businesses with his innovative and nonconformist direct response marketing strategies. He didn’t follow trends in high school, and he doesn’t follow the norms set by other marketing gurus and pundits.

Sheetz is an in-demand relationship marketing leader whose private client list reads like a who’s who list of top business thought leaders including Dan Kennedy. He’s appeared and worked with top celebrities. 

Barbara Corcoran

Chris Evert

Dan Kennedy

Dr. Robert Cialdini

Jack Canfield

Jay Abraham

John Rich

Kathy Ireland

Mark Victor Hansen

Rocky Blierer

Stedman Graham

Ted Nicholas

He’s published 3 niche-specific marketing books…

…and guest authored in 3 others.

He has taken clients to income heights never dreamt possible.

The Overnight Success That Took Only 35+ Years

Ron has stumbled across a way to make about $20,000, sometimes a lot more, from each client.

Regardless of the product or service, local businesses need customers. You can help businesses get clients, customers, or patients. You will do it by thinking outside the box. Ron’s methods, systems and resources make him a bit of a renegade. He’s developed some very basic, yet highly effective marketing tools and resources that help kick-start a businesses earning capability. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hardware store, a dry cleaner or a dental practice, his methods are universal.

Freedom Is The Reason To Be In Business For Yourself

What makes having a great business and great income worth while having? FREEDOM!!!!

It's a cliche to say it, but freedom is what makes being successful in business all worth it. It's the absolute truth. I'm talking about the freedom to do what you want, when you want to do it and with whom. The life of a MARKETING CONSULTANT may be unlike that of almost any other business a person could imagine.

Why? The typical person starts a business because they don't want to work for someone else. Unfortunately, most find out they've created a job for themselves, one they cannot quit from. I know, because I was there once myself, until I figured it out. Most business owners spend their entire careers struggling... trying to figure out how to be successful. These are the people you can help as a Marketing Consultant. They need more qualified customers and that's what I do (that I figured out how to do successfully)... how to get them more customers than they can handle.

There Are a Lot of Ways to Get Them Customers They Haven’t Thought of To Do

Ron can teach you how to do what he does in Cleveland, to do in your local town. It’s not about being a telemarketing, a super-star salesperson or even having to solicit customers. It’s not about doing any of the normal methods of marketing and advertising. Every business has untapped resources for making them lots of money, and Ron can show you how to uncover it and apply his proven strategies to generate higher profits for both you and your clients.

There are a lot of ways to do it, especially in this digital age, that don’t require a lot of expensive advertising. Some of it is grassroots stuff. It can be very inexpensive for a business to do. What makes Ron different than all the other guys out there in the advertising or marketing business is that he works on and gets paid based on results. Learn Ron’s simple methods and strategies. You can give your clients more customers. The results will exceed their wildest expectations or imaginations.

Why Would Ron Sheetz Teach You His Most Guarded, Money-Making Secrets?

“I have people across the United States asking me to come work with them. I’ve had people approach me and say, ‘Ron, let me work with you as your partner, as your associate, as your affiliate in New York or Chicago or Dallas’ and I’ve always turned down those opportunities, But, you know what? I’m 55. I’ve been doing this for 35 years. I’d like to stay in Ohio if I could and not do a whole lot of business travel. To be honest with you, I need help. I’m only one person and I can help only so many businesses on my own. But, if I set up a network of people across the country to do what I do, then we can help more local businesses. And small businesses need the help more now than ever before.” 

You Can Now Become Part of a National Marketing Group.

It’s not an advertising agency, franchise, or partnership. No required on-going or residual fees to be in this business. Rather a network of ambitious entrepreneurs who want to have their own business and want to help businesses in their area. You’ll learn what Ron does with his clients in Cleveland, Ohio so you can do the same with yours in your area. Your clients and work will be all yours. Ron will show you how to get the clients and will give you access to all his strategies, resources, and vendor rolodex to get all the strategies implemented. In 35+ years, Ron has developed a long list of trusted resources, advisors, and vendors. And you’ll have unlimited, unrestricted access to all of it. This is a highly lucrative, NON-Competitive niche marketing consulting business.

You Don’t Need Any Prior Marketing or Advertising Experience

Think of yourself more as a general marketing contractor. You identify the needs, assign a pretested, prebuilt strategy, and then put it in the hands of the right vendors to get it implemented and launched. As a consultant, you connect the dots and collect the money. It’s that simple. There’s no need to complicate things. Life is complicated enough.

Getting clients is the most difficult, most frustrating, and most expensive thing for any business. And for small businesses, it’s even harder. It doesn’t matter what a business’s product or service is or how good it is or how bad it is. It doesn’t matter about the employees, the location, none of it really matters if they don’t get customers. A business must get customers to survive and grow. And you can help them to that… and get paid handsomely for the results.

Is This for You?

If this sounds like it might be something that interests you, let us send you a complete package of information on the program. It includes details about the training and resources you’ll have access to. There’s no obligation. I’m looking for the right person to train and coach. We’re looking for only a few associates in each state. Fill out the form below with your information and we’ll FedEx a package to you. 

You first need to find out if this is a good fit for you. Complete the form below and we will send you a complete information package on this consulting business. It includes complete case studies of clients Ron has personally helped, using the same marketing and advertising resources you’ll be able to give your clients.

Protege Information Package


  1. No Experience or Technical Skill Required

    As a consultant, you’re the general manager on most projects. You direct others on what needs done and implemented.

  2. A Consultative Approach There’s no selling of your services.

    Like a doctor, you analyze, diagnose, and prescribe. You apply the right marketing for the client’s needs from a catalogue of proven strategies.
  3. Residual Income

    With the ‘client-getting’ and ‘operating system’ Ron developed you don’t need many clients to earn a great income. Most clients want you to do more for them.
  4. Local Influence

    By being a member of the community and not having to ‘chase’ clients, you have an immediate level of trust with clients that all the other marketing representatives won’t.
  5. Freedom

    The marketing model allows you to pick the clients you want to work with, at the pace you want and when you want to work. This is true freedom.
  6. Full or Part Time

    Because of the operating model Ron has created, and the tested resources you’ll have full access to, you control how much you earn by how much you want to work.

Your Next Step is Simple

We’re looking for only a few associates in each state. Complete the form below with your information and a FREE, no obligation package of information will be sent to you by FedEx immediately.. Once completing the form, you’ll receive some valuable information immediately by email.

There is no doubt of the value in what you will learn and be able to do for yourself. We’re not looking for just anyone who can afford the investment. In fact, we’re so confident of the results you can achieve in this business that your initial investment is fully rebate-able. Meaning you can earn your entire investment back. The investment for the training and access to the resources is really a performance deposit. It demonstrates that you’re serious about this business. But that’s only if this business is right for you.

Meet a Few of Ron’s Private Clients

Hear what they say about the results they got working with Ron. In just a few short months, these could be your clients, saying the same about you.

Claude Whitaker

The Sweeper Store,
Wooster, OH

“I do a lot of advertising online. One of the most profitable ways of advertising I found is doing video on my website. People get to my website; they see my videos. The videos are me demonstrating my products. Each run about 15-minutes. The videos actually drive people into my store. When they come in, they feel like they know me, because they think we’ve already met (though not in person) and they feel we have a relationship together. They already know what the product is and what they’re going to buy, and best of all, they already know the price. This makes selling absolutely effortless. It’s virtually impossible not to sell these customers when they come in my store. I’m spending more of my time writing orders than answering questions of the ‘tire-kickers’ still shopping. And best of all, this strategy is almost free. I must thank Ron Sheetz for showing me this strategy. I’d done videos before, but until Ron showed me what was important to include and how to structure the videos, I wasn’t selling before anywhere near as many vacuum cleaners as I am after I implemented Ron’s strategy.”

Dr. Sherrie Tenpenny

D.O OsteoMed
Strongsville, Ohio

“Your program showed me how to really make money online fast. In fact, using your techniques and strategies, we brought in over $3000 in new patient registrations at a recent public seminar that we promoted entirely online, and selling over $8400 worth of our informational audio and video programs to people who couldn’t attend the event. That’s $11,400 generated in just 3 days with a zero dollar out-of-pocket investment.”

Steve Harold

Fun City Pools
Charlotte, North Carolina

 “I was looking for a way to generate repeat business for our consumable products. Ron put a multi-media marketing campaign that included online video, direct mail, email marketing that generated over $20,000 of business in less than one month. We’ve even attracted a ton of referral business as a residual effect of the program. The referral business will be worth well over $100,000 to us in residual, reoccurring sales of customer consumable products. We knew the profit potential on these products but could never figure out how to capitalize on it. Ron showed us how. The best thing was that I didn’t have to do anything, except write the check for the program from the results, which I did gladly!”

Chris Thompson

Canvass King
Lakewood, Ohio

“I started out in college working in the home improvement business. After graduating college I started my own home improvement company. We did well by accident. But I didn’t know much about marketing and advertising. It wasn’t until Ron Sheetz contacted me that I started to understand how valuable it was to have someone working with m who really knew what they were doing. I’m in the selling business. My company knocks on stranger’s doors for a living. So, I know what it’s like to do cold calling. We’re good at it, but few people are cut out for cold calling. The first thing that caught my attention about Ron was his initial approach of me. It was so natural and off-putting I couldn’t help but want to listen to what he had to say. And the results he showed me sealed the deal.

I knew I needed help marketing our door to door canvassing programs. When we started promoting our 2-day training seminar on our own, people were a bit slow to register. Ron suggested sending an email blast with a special offer to people who’d indicated interest in attending; and that’s what we did. In fact, the email campaign he created for us generated over $5000.00 in seminar registrations in less than 24 hours. The additional marketing and moneymaking strategies Ron suggested netted us over $20,000. In the 20 years Ron’s helped us, we’ve easily banked over 6-figures in additional revenue.”

Char Klimko

Dance d’Elegance
Medina, Ohio

Being the owner of Dance d’Elegance Ballroom Dance Studio, I realized that I wasn’t growing the business the way I wanted to. This was due, in most part, because I was also the primary instructor and I was too busy teaching lessons. I knew I needed help in marketing and promoting my business if I wanted it to grow. I met with Ron and the first thing that impressed me about him was his ability to “draw out” from me, what my business is about; my goals for the business, and the best approach to take to reach those goals.

He was instrumental in helping ME understand what needed to be done to grow my business. The direction was for a video for my website that would address all the key obstacles I experience in convincing people to join my classes, including price. He came prepared with thought provoking questions to ask my students, and elicited the perfect responses from them, which he then skillfully edited into testimonials that addressed many of the concerns I hear from people thinking about taking ballroom dancing.

I now have a professionally produced program, with multiple media developed from that one video program, that communicates the EXACT message that I was trying to convey on my own but wasn’t doing a great job of. It is a powerful tool to help me convert prospects into students. At first, I was concerned about the investment, but now I don’t even think about it. That money came back to me three-fold.

It has been so helpful in attracting more students that I’ve had to hire 2 dance instructors to take over my teaching responsibilities. I now have the free time to focus more on growing my dance business and making money.

Ron was the key I needed to take my business to the next step. THANK YOU Ron!”

Dr. Manbir Pannu, D.D.S.

North Royalton Dentistry
North Royalton, Ohio

Prior to meeting Ron my practice had a website. I subscribed to a ‘cookie-cutter’ service that catered to the dental industry. My site looked like every other dentist’s website. I was always troubled that my site didn’t get any traffic until I found out that the service did not incorporate any of the major components needed to attract search engine traffic. Boy was I mad! The $500 a year I was paying for the service was worthless. Here I thought I was hiring a professional service who knew what they were doing. I was wrong. I got Ron’s Website Action Guide and discovered what was rely important for my website. Today, my website site is a major part of my local marketing efforts… and it’s paying off! Our new site is strengthening long-term relationships with patients. Now I have a website that works. That’s to say it attracts valuable patients who pay and stay. Thank you for saving my site!”

Chris Mullins

The Phone Sales Doctor
New Hampshire

Doing my first video I was really nervous. I know my stuff, but I’d never done it on camera before and I didn’t know if I was going be able to do it naturally. Ron makes you feel really comfortable with technical stuff you don’t know. He totally took care of everything. It was a big investment for me, and I had to put trust in it. When I finally had the experience and realized that it was going to be done for me, which I didn’t quite understand at first, and that they were going to work with me and I wasn’t entirely loose on my own I wanted to tell Ron that his price was too low. With everything you get and everything they did for me, in my opinion, the price is too low.”

Blake Frederick

United Way
Geauga County, Ohio

As you know, this was Geauga United Way’s first attempt at producing a local fundraising effort of this scale and we were hesitant to say the least. We knew what we wanted, but we had fears; cost, limited time, and little knowledge of what would be required. Despite this, we thought it’d be worth the effort. You were key in helping us overcome several obstacles, a discouraging start and put the project on a fast track. From our first meeting to our last hour (which was it 2:00am?) your expertise and motivation was indispensable. It takes special ability to know when to lead and when to listen – you did both very well. I’m proud to say this has been our most successful 

Clyde McClung

Eveready Battery
Westlake, Ohio Division

“Thank you for producing a quality communication campaign for our domestic and international plants. Producing a program for distribution to multiple countries and yet finding a way to communicate our message across these diverse cultures is in no way a small challenge, but you grasped the concept and achieved our objective superbly. You’ve been especially helpful in meeting our unusual peripheral needs for providing open and closed captioning for our hearing-impaired team members, as well as giving our international plants assistance for translating the program into their language. You’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty on this project and your efforts are appreciated. Thank you for your commitment to quality.”

Mary Van Dalen

Southwest General Health
Center Middleburg Heights, Ohio

“EXCELLENT WORK! We’re delighted with the finished program RJ Media Magic produced for our physical rehab unit, SportsWest; and we use it a great deal. As a small department in a big hospital, we often depend too much on ‘the hospital’ to drive patients to us. The idea of our department developing a marketing campaign independent from the hospital’s ‘brand’ messaging was a radical idea, and a big gamble. But it worked. I especially appreciate the way you were able to move through this project so independently, with little direction from us. That was a big help to us in a time of too many deadlines. You have become a trusted and relied upon communications and marketing resource for us. Thank you.”


* This is a business you can feel proud of. Friends and neighbors will respect you when you tell them you're helping the local economy and businesses. (This includes all the people who laughed at your ambitions)
* You’ll be working with high caliber people and professionals... * You can do it part-time or full-time...
* NO overhead, NO inventory, and NO equipment is needed. NO office needed... work from your home. NO employees necessary. * There are NO franchise fees or royalties to pay! The money you make is yours. * This could be your main source of income or a substantial secondary stream of income. (Work with one or more client a month, the choice is yours)


The Coronavirus has been an existential threat to the nation’s small businesses. Despite 4.2 million small businesses receiving emergency loans from the government 2% of the 30 million small business in America have closed for good (3% in the restaurant industry).” The Washington Post – May 12, 2020

Small business owners are giving up. Because small businesses depend heavily on foot traffic and operate on thin margins, they are especially vulnerable to the ripple effects of a widespread shutdown. New York Times – July 13, 2020

To understand the US economy, policymakers need to understand small business 101. To avoid catastrophic failure across large swaths of our small business economy, we need to quickly get a large number of small sums to a substantial portion of the 50 million small businesses and freelancers across America. CNBC – April 14, 2020

How your small business can survive the COVID-19 Pandemic. Find the opportunities. It’s never nice to capitalize on events such as this, but they can also be a wake up call to reconsider how you have been doing business. What will and won’t matter to customers, and how can you accommodate who will likely be your new customer? March 29, 2020

The Ways innovation can help your business.

  • Improve sales and customer relations.
  • Reduce waste and costs.
  • Boost you market position.

BDC Financial Services

Survival of the fittest. The businesses that survive will be those that adapt, innovate or reinvent themselves. Clear and rapid response like these to changing market conditions are key to commercial survival. Companies have to challenge their assumptions about what customers and focus on being competitive. Physical World Magazine – August 19, 2020

4 Small Businesses That Have Survived the COVID-19 Pandemic (

  1. Benson Watch Co. – Marcel Benson was worried that his watch company might not make it out of the pandemic. “We leaned in and we put a little more into our budget and it turned out that it paid a lot more than it would have prior,” Benson said. “It’s been a really good time; things have really opened up. I’m just excited to see what’s next.”
  2. Wight Tea Company. – “We were panicking, but similar to the watch company, we leaned into our digital marketing,” Wight Tea saw an increase in its direct-to-consumer sales from its website because of the move.
  3. KWJW Distributors – Antoine, 26, used his graduation money to pay for the business registration and spent the refund check from his master’s program to start the trucking and supply chain logistics company. “Grit, that’s what it’s all about,” Antoine said. “You’re going to go through problems and it’s a blessing to go through problems because that’s how you become great.”
  4. Keller Professional Services provides consulting for human resources, workforce development training and staffing. Keller-Green said her strategy was to analyze her own business to focus on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


“While some might say that the rise of digital has made the role of the local retail store obsolete, new research from Google conducted with Ipsos Media CT and Sterling Brands suggests that the relationship between digital and in-store shopping is far more nuanced and interconnected than that.”

Harvard Business Review

For several years now, some retailers have been putting as much if not more priority on the in-store experience than on the products they sell. From Restoration Hardware to Bass Pro Shops and even Walmart, retailers have learned that holding events or offering special experiences and services in-store not only attracts customers, but also encourages them to linger longer, buy more products, and spend more on those products.

As a result of Covid-19, all retailers will have to make their in-store experiences even more extraordinary for those who can visit in person. They have to give people a reason to visit that is so compelling, it justifies their exposure to health risks and overcomes the inertia of the behaviors they adopted during the shutdown. (July 6, 2020)

Wharton School of Business

Given that most [U.S. consumers] are now taking a pandemic-related financial hit, shoppers will be more value-conscious. Innovation will be sorely needed to revive business districts, and local communities could emerge stronger by rallying around a common interest.

After the Great Recession, cupcake bakeries and food trucks — along with nail salons — emerged as popular “little indulgences” in tough economic times. These businesses enriched neighborhoods and filled vacancies. Let’s call in the entrepreneurs to start inventing our post-pandemic pick-me-ups. (University of Pennsylvania – May 8, 2020)

U.S. Small Business Association

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy: they create two-thirds of net new jobs and drive U.S. innovation and competitiveness. A new report shows that they account for 44 percent of U.S. economic activity.

Small Business – Chron

Small businesses contribute to local economies by bringing growth and innovation to the community in which the business is established. Small businesses also help stimulate economic growth by providing employment opportunities to people who may not be employable by larger corporations.

Business News Daily

“Small Business is Good for Local Economies; Big Business is Not”

Despite the fact that Walmart employs a full 1% of the U.S. population. It’s small, locally owned businesses that have the most positive economic impact on communities, according to 2016 research from Penn State economists.

You can get into this NON-Competitive niche consulting business and set your own income, set your own hours, decide on which clients and projects you want to work and be your own boss. You can experience true financial freedom.

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